Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday

It's Super Bowl Sunday today. I've cared less over the last few years (other than the Bears game where this was the single highlight) about the two teams playing. I really just watch for the commercials, hoping we'll get a classic like this one or this 1997 hit.

Will Arnett is doing something for Pepsi today as evidenced by this commercial and this website. So far there seems to be nothing funny about it, but let's hope that'll change. Will Arnett is after all, the funniest man alive. Here's hoping Pepsi does the smart thing and let's Will Arnett do ridiculous stuff. 

Miller High Life also has something going on during the big game and it's actually pretty funny. Delivery man Windell Middlebrooks made an appearance with Jay Leno on "The Tonight Show" to talk about it. 

As for the game, I like both teams. Mike Tomlin is quite possibly the coolest head coach in all of professional sports. And Arizona has some dudes that I think deserve to win a Super Bowl (Edgerrin James & Larry Fitzgerald). That said, if the traditional game of squares is too boring for you, here's a good gambling game: How many times will they show Kurt Warner's wife? We'll set the over/under at 27.

And while Arizona is the team I'll likely root for, all that matters to me is a 9-7 at the end of any quarter (squares are never boring). Pittsburgh's D is too damn good to lose this game, gambling's all I've got.

Steelers 34 Cardinals 28

Enjoy the day!

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