Friday, February 27, 2009

Weird Friday

Today was a rather long day. Not too much exciting stuff going on in this world. Plus the weather sucks outside. The fact that Chicago Bulls legends Johnny 'Red' Kerr AND 'Stormin' Norman Van Lier died last night pretty much sucked. The Bulls suck so much ass already. They should sacrifice daily animals to the Gods for allowing Derrick Rose to magically land in Chicago. Without him they would be the worst team in the NBA by far. Those two guys dying on the SAME day really blows.

This video has nothing to do with ANYTHING, other than the fact that it's weird. I can't tell if this is fake or if this kid is really a midget. I'm leaning towards the midget route which would explain why it actually looks real.

It will probably freak you out and cause you nightmares so I apologize. But on a rather slow day, I figured a funny, entertaining video is the least I could do.

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