Thursday, February 19, 2009

In The Air Tonight (Morning Train Ride Remix)

I dread riding the train every morning. Actually, I don't dread it, I just hate it. People smell, people push, people try to get on before letting people off, people listen to awful music really loudly. It's just horrendous.

The train stops every 436 feet because of some stupid issue and the CTA is always in massive debt. Riding the train sucks a lot.

I'll admit that my first reaction to the following video would be anger. I'd think that some idiots are making a bunch of noise and being obnoxious and I'd want to move to another car. But then, after listening closer, I'd realize that these guys are actually singing a Phil Collins song. And Phil Collins makes the whole world happy. Eventually I'd get off the train and be really excited to continue my day. That's how cool this video is. Watch the one guy in black who never turns around though. That would be me. Until I turned around.

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