Thursday, February 26, 2009

Watchmen Helps You Waste Time

'Watchmen', one of the more anticipated movies of 2009 comes out a week from tomorrow.

Based off of the highest-selling graphic novel of all-time, 'Watchmen' appears to be about a group of banished superheroes coming together again after one of their own is mysteriously murdered. They then discover an even more sinister plot that borders on the unthinkable.

I doubt I'll go see it. Zack Snyder is a good director, his movies are crazy stuff. But I'm not into the whole comic-book/graphic novel thing. Who knows. Some people are really happy in their pants about this movie. Me, not so much.

Potentially sweet movie or not, here's something really fun: Online Watchmen Game

You get to fight your way through the dangerous streets of 1942 New York as The Nite Owl (no idea who) or Silk Spectre (no idea who) via an old school arcade game.

Good luck, you just lost the next 15 minutes of your life.

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