Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Um, the JabbaWockeeZ Suck Compared To These Guys?

I keep seeing the JabbaWockeeZ. Everywhere. Still freaking me out. I finally figured out that they are a mix of Larenz Tate from 'Dead Presidents' and the devil.

I don't mind them, but someone guided me to the following video and I must say, these guys, are absolutely frickin awesome. I can't pop and lock, I can sort of dance, and I don't really like break-dancing. But I respect kick-ass skills.

The 'Robot Boys' appeared on the 2008 version of 'Denmark's Got Talent'. Assuming they won, these guys probably won the chance to perform in front of Denmark's 48-man National Army and a chance to compete on the Denmark National Softball squad. In America, you get your own Vegas show. After you watch this video, I'm fairly confident you'd go see this show in Vegas too.

'Robot Boys Live' - Denmark's Got Talent

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  1. If you think the Robot Boys are good. Check out some of Japan's crews. They are considered the best in the world. They are decades ahead of Jabba and every crew in America.