Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Arrested Development Movie Finally?

After Ron Howard mentioned the movie being a go at the 81st Academy Awards this past weekend, rumors started swirling that Michael Cera was finally part of the cast for the long-anticipated 'Arrested Development' movie.

Cera supposedly had been the lone holdout after becoming an uber-megastar in the molds of Will Smith, Christian Bale, and Tom Hanks. But, according to E! News, Michael Cera has agreed to join the cast, reprising his role as George Michael Bluth.

I can't say that I'm totally excited until I hear everyone confirm from their own mouths, that they are in and shooting the movie. The movie has been talked about for a while now so I don't want to get my hopes too high.

But, a bad day can always get better with a clip or two from 'Arrested Development', which is arguably, my favorite comedy of all-time.

If you have 2 minutes, watch this.

If you have 22 minutes, watch this whole episode.


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