Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Sorry I didn't post this a few days ago. I was traveling for one day then had a long, intense day back at work. I've been thinking all the time about this, I just haven't had a chance to discuss it much.

To start, the JabbaWockeeZ are a dance group. Apparently they were on "America's Got Talent" and then won "MTV's America's Best Dance Crew" show back in 2008. I obviously didn't know who the hell they were because I didn't watch either of those two absolutely retarded shows.

I'll give "America's Got Talent" some credence because David Hasselhoff is on it, but other than that, those shows are mostly watched by single people who eat too much and have self-esteem issues. So pardon me for not knowing who the f*ck the JabbaWockeeZ were.

Fast forward to like 3 weeks ago when I saw the new Gatorade/Monty Python commercial with Kevin Garnett, Derek Jeter, and Jimmie Johnson. In a parody of the "Search For The Holy Grail", Gatorade's star athletes stumble upon a bridge with these creepy masked monks guarding it. Both sides do a dance, the masked creeps let the athletes through. It's a cool commercial and I'm interested to see the next set. Not the point...

Turns out these masked dudes are JabbaWockeeZ. But I didn't know that yet. I just thought they were masked Gatorade commercial characters.

Fast forward to Sunday...I'm watching the All-Star game and out comes Shaquille O'Neal. Shaq walks on stage with a beat in the background, a weird mask, and the little masked dudes! More JabbaWockeeZ!

Shaq ended up doing a fun little dance and got the point across that the NBA will miss him when he's gone. More importantly, there were more of these frickin JabbaWockeeZ. I'd never seen these little dudes before and all of a sudden my face was exploding from different images of this dance troupe from the "Scream" movies.

I explored a little and discovered their appearances on those mind-numbing shows and even found out that my friends sort of knew who they were too. Weird. I'll admit I was semi-fascinated by these guys which led me to figure out who the f they were. I just don't understand where this explosion of JabbaWockeeZ action came from. THEY ARE EVERYWHERE. And they are sorta weird.

They wouldn't be remotely interesting if they didn't wear masks. It'd just be a group of asian break dancers (and one black guy). That's all. Whatever, I watched it. And so can you.

(The other point of this was to highlight the sick dance moves that Shaq has. I hated that guy with all my guts until a few years ago. When he decided he hated Kobe Bryant I began liking him again. The fact that he is 7'1 and 320 lbs of humongous and can dance like a small asian guy is awesome. It's hard not to like him.)

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