Sunday, February 22, 2009

Twitter Is Actually Really Cool

I've seen people talk about it a lot and stumbled across the sites before, but I've never really figured out what the point of 'Twitter' is.

After researching it a bit more, I've figured out that it's a glorified Facebook status update. But it's sort of cooler than that. Because Shaq does it.

A buddy of mine sent this to me a few days ago and while I didn't initially read it, I stumbled upon it again today and realized that it was time to sign up for 'Twitter'. So I did it. But more importantly, Shaq signed up for 'Twitter' and updates it. Himself. That's way cooler than Facebook status updates. Go sign up for 'Twitter' and you can be Shaq's friend too. He really wants you to do it. It really makes you feel cool.

(BTW scroll down a bit and watch Shaq dance w the JabbaWockeeZ if you STILL don't think Shaq is cool yet)

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