Friday, February 13, 2009

Mayor Awesomestahl

On a recent trip to Lake Geneva to play Broomball, it was brought to my attention that Pittsburgh has a crazy mayor. My buddy from Pittsburgh mentioned that Luke Ravenstahl was elected Mayor of Pittsburgh at the tender age of 26. Pittsburgh's former Mayor Bob O'Connor passed away in 2006 and that's when Ravenstahl took over.

I recently stumbled upon this picture of Ravenstahl hanging out with Snoop Dogg at The Super Bowl. After seeing it and reading Mondesi House'a point of view about Snoop Dogg, I thought to myself, let's research this Ravenstahl cat. Here's the highlights:

- Youngest Mayor in Pittsburgh history @ age 26
- Washington & Jefferson College's record holder for most consecutive extra points (he was a kicker on the football team)
- On Halloween 2005, Councilman Ravenstahl was reportedly involved in an incident at Heinz Field where he shoved a police officer and was led away in handcuffs before being released (a later controversy that claimed then Mayor O'Connor pulled some strings to get Ravenstahl released)
- In 2007, participated in a $9,000-a-head Mario Lemiuex Charity Golf Outing on behalf of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center & Pittsburgh Penguins
- In 2007, he also took a Homeland Security-funded SUV go to a Toby Keith concert where he reportedly got a little too drunk
- In 2009, in support of the Steelers during their AFC Championship Game against the Ravens, had his name temporarily changed from Ravenstahl to Steelerstahl

Holy crap. That's an awesome rap sheet. Not quite as good as Snoop's, but for a guy who is the Mayor of a major American city, that's pretty sweet. Blagojevich ain't got sh*t on him. 

Tell me we shouldn't be allowed to trade politicians like in sports? You know how fun it would be to offer one of Mayor Daley's sons, 8 Lou Malnati's pizzas, Luol Deng, and 4 Chicago Dogs for Mayor Ravenstahl and 36 tubs of Heinz Ketchup?

God this world could be so fun.

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