Thursday, February 26, 2009

Honorary Triumph "List"

Andy Richter will be joining Conan in L.A. when he takes over 'The Tonight Show'. That's old news. Like 2 or 3 day old news. I didn't mention it here, bc you'd probably heard it. No beating brains in with information. Thus only one story about A-Rod. Honestly, who gives a sh*t if A-Rod got into the car with his cousin that supplied him with steroids 6 years ago. Yea, he's that dumb that he didn't think about that news headline. Idiots.

Anyways, I promised a 'Triumph the Insult Comic Dog' list. I did Conan and Conan is now officially on break. Jimmy Fallon starts next week and in the meantime, we're left with an empty void of idiocy. Triumph can fill that. He's vile, crude, witty, horny, makes people angry and uncomfortable and a dog. A puppet dog. And he's awesome.

Here's the Top 7. Get dirty!

7.) Triumph @ the final Presidential Debate

6.) Triumph @ Comic Con

5.) Triumph on Hollywood Squares

4.) Triumph @ The Tonys

3.) Triumph @ Westminster Dog Show II

2.) Triumph @ the Michael Jackson Trial

1.) Triumph @ the Star Wars Premiere (hands down, the best)

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