Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Oo! Oo! Sidney Crosby Is Closer to Getting Annihilated

It's unfortunate that I have jumped off the hating Shaq and Kobe Bryant train. Shaq, I'll never dislike again, as evidenced by the many stories posted about him on here. He's just too likeable to ever get made at. Kobe, I respect, since he single-handedly would love to cut out your heart and make sure you never win a basketball game again. He's like 1c to Jordan's 1a when it comes to competitive fire.

LeBron James currently holds one of the top spots in my hatred tree, simply because everything about Ohio sucks. Ohio State, the city of Dayton, the boring-ness of the scenery...it's just awful. Thus I hate LeBron. If he simply moved to another city, I'd like him a lot. Considering he might be the second best basketball player I'll ever watch, I hope that happens.

Somewhere toward the top of that hatred tree, lies Sydney Crosby. He was hockey's prodigal son and while he's a phenomenal talent on the ice, he comes across like a whining Canadian baby (sorry for the redundancy with whining and Canadian). A few posts back, you can find yourself a clip from the NHL's true prodigal son, Alexander Ovechkin. Ovechkin and Crosby played the other day and Washington won. More importantly, Crosby and Ovechkin got into a slight tiff, before being quickly separated by the refs.

I've said a prayer every night since then, that the next time Ovechkin and Crosby play, the refs let them fight each other to the death. It wouldn't be close since a Russian can kill a bear with one hand, but it'd be fun. And since hockey is one of the few sports I can watch my favorites on the hate tree actually get hurt, I'm all for it. These guys might say they have no animosity towards each other. Bullsh*t. They hate each other. And the whole world is going to benefit from it.

Here's the clip from the other night. Sorry for the delay. I have other work I'm doing as well.

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