Thursday, February 19, 2009

Late Night With Conan Is Over

Conan O'Brien's last 'Late Night' show is tonight. Show number 2,725. His 16-year run has been more successful than anyone could have imagined and Conan now turns his sights to taking Jay Leno's place as the host of "The Tonight Show". That (mercifully) starts in June.

In the meantime, it's time to reflect on some of Conan's greatest highlights. O'Brien has always been my favorite talk show host. Leno's chin and lisp are odd and he's funny once every 14 shows. Letterman is great with his guests but he's just boring. Carson Daly sucks. Jimmy Kimmel is OK. And the rotating hosts at CBS after Letterman don't really matter.

Conan's always been great with guests, had awesome sketches, and a knack for doing the unexpected. Thank God he'll be taking over 'The Tonight Show'. He's represents the Irish well.

In honor of Conan, here's my Top 8 Conan moments:

(Triumph qualifies in his own separate category...his list will come soon)

8. Conan Kisses Rebecca Romijn Stamos

7. Arnold Meets Arnold

6. Conan Works For UPS

5. Norm MacDonald Make Fun of Carrot Top and is Probably Drunk

4. In The Year 2000: David Duchovny Edition

3. Conan Goes to Finland

2. Conan and Mr. T Go Apple-Picking

1c. Walker Texas Ranger & Mike Huckabee

1b. Walker Texas Ranger Lever Mashup

1a. Walker Told Me I Have Aids

(added bonus video for more Mike Huckabee/Conan fun)

Hope you enjoyed. Despite the kick to the balls that NBC delivered by moving Leno to 9pm, Conan finally moves into late night 'primetime'. People aren't sure he'll succeed but he's smarter and funnier than anyone else out there. Here's to another long run for Conan as the host of 'The Tonight Show'.

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