Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Megan Fox. Is. Single.

Megan Fox is gorgeous. Girls (I think) think she's a slut and a piece of trash. I don't care. She . I normally hate girls that have weird tattoos, but I forgive Megan Fox. She's that awesome.

And now she's single. It was inevitable that her hotness would eventually overpower Brian Austin Green's ability to keep her on his arm and that time has finally come. Multiple news sources have reported it (here's a Canadian news site's report, so it's probably wrong) and it's time for her to focus on her acting career. Green will reportedly also focus on his acting career which is obviously terrible news for him since he doesn't have an acting career.

Both of them have their names tattooed on each others bodies and while Green can at least use that to remind him that he was once cool for 17 seconds, Fox can finally move onto to making us drool even more.

Well done. Creeps all over the world unite.

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