Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Gaslight Anthem "Great Expectations" Video

Via an oil-pipeline in Philly that runs through Chicago, my desktop spit out the new video from 'The Gaslight Anthem' for their song 'Great Expectations'.

If you haven't heard of 'The Gaslight Anthem' I suggest you check them out. Their last show in Chicago was phenomenal. It's a mix of The Boss, The Killers, and just generally excellent sh*t.

During the Grammy's earlier this month, I couldn't help but picture them one-day, standing up on the stage, blowing everyone away with one of their trademark, intense, musically dominant performances. They'll be there sooner than later. I suggest jumping on the bandwagon now.

David Letterman loved them and I think you will too. The video isn't anything spectacular. It's driving, intense, and to-the-point, which is what their music is. They simply make f*cking awesome music.

If you're still not convinced, watch this video. You'll spend the next 13 minutes frantically trying to find somewhere to download it off the internet (which I don't condone!).

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