Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

I'm not going to leave Valentine's Day with a morbid post. I can't do that. Even though I am single, there are countless other human beings who are deeply in love with the right ones and the wrong ones.

And to kick it old school today, here's two classic love songs/music videos that will surely make this Valentine's Day, the greatest Valentine's Day ever!

(PS - Play these in the background during the proposal and she'll be crying "Yes" in no-time)

(Play this one if you've been in a complicated relationship. Multiple partners, tons of moving parts, maybe a brother or sister involved as well. Throw this one on in the background when you get down on one knee and she'll be all in for you and only you.)

(Play this one if you may have taken it too fast. You went out one night and woke up the next morning with a ring on your finger. Or you never seem to go 5 minutes without yelling at each other. Or your Chris Brown & Rihanna.) 

(Play this one if you [dudes] have totally screwed up. More often than not, guys find themselves in the role of the screw-up and then loll around all depressed and mopey. And that's not the way to go about life! This is the perfect song if you forgot Valentine's Day today. Play it, realize your mistake, and get after it. The ring will be sliding on in no time.)

(Lastly, if you recently got dumped or dumped someone, this is your song. You've been tied down, making phone calls every day at 4:16, 7:16, and 10:38, and you never get to miss an episode of "Mad About You". Well, don't fear, because Jon Secada is setting you free. Go outside, tuck your shirt into your jeans, hold people's babies, and walk around the beach. You're free. Be careful though...if you look like Jon Secada, the women aren't going to stay off of you for long.)

Good luck in all your ventures this Valentine's Day. Hopefully you didn't forget and hopefully the ring fits. Take in all the love you can today. Boys day returns tomorrow with the beginning of the new Nascar season. Happy Valentine's Day!

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