Monday, February 23, 2009

Lance Armstrong Is Still Awesome

Let me preface this by saying how much I HATE when TV cuts away from sporting event intruders. Remember when you thought the Russians were attacking when 'Fan Man' landed his parachute in the middle of the ring during the 1993 Holyfield/Bowe Heavyweight title fight? People reacted in sheer terror and amazement. Some people just began beating the dude's ass because they didn't know what was happening, while others thought the nuclear holocaust was on hand.

TV stations today cut away from fan-interference because they don't want to 'showcase the idiots on TV'. Networks feel that showing these people on television will futhur encourage that kind of stuff to happen. That's stupid. Aside from the endless entertainment I get when things like this happen, showing that would highly encourage someone to never do that again.

Being tackled by an NFL linebacker or being spiked in the face by a baseball player's jumpkick would discourage most people from running onto the field of play. It would be awesome to watch and it would make someone think twice about being retarded. Somebody runs onto a basketball court during the Suns game? Shaq could beat their face in with a Gatorade jug and it would be fine by me.

Thanks to 'With Leather', I saw this highlight of Lance Armstrong at the Tour of California, as he prepares for another Tour de France. Some moron ran onto the course while carrying a gigantic fake syringe. Lance, displaying his epic balance and Texas bravado, shoved the fat jackass into the snow.

Watch and enjoy, in order, below:

Lance 1

Lance 2

Lance 3

Lance 4

*Note the fat man's face as he is shoved to the ground and as he gets back up. And watch the fellow riders in the background. Whether they like seeing Lance pestered or seeing this moron go blubber-first into the snow, who cares. They enjoyed it.

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