Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dumping on Tuesday

Saw a Guitar Hero commercial at the bar the other night and couldn't hear it. It looked funny, had Bobby Knight in his underwear, and Metallica. I still can't decide if I like it. Lars from Metallica really does talk like a weirdo.

If you saw the clip of the Blackhawks/Canucks fight yesterday, you saw some awesome sporting carnage. It wasn't an overly bloody or physical set of fights but it was intense. The fact that 16 guys wanted to punch each others face in at the same time also was sweet. Now, we move to rugby fights. I played rugby for a while and I always marveled at how fights never broke out, considering you're encouraged to stomp on another player's face in certain circumstances. The teams sort of have a gentlemen's agreement not to punch each other in the face. Well, when one guy breaks that rule, it usually becomes crazy. Rugby is probably the only sport, other than hockey, where I feel even worse for the refs trying to break up the fight. Enjoy more highlights here.

One more awesome Nike Rugby clip.

I hate LeBron James because I hate Ohio. The fact he can do this though is incredible.

Mike Singletary could care less if your parents got divorced. He's gonna find out if you got over it, are ok with it, or are still acting like a loser because of it. Matthew Stafford apparently hasn't. The dude underachieved at Georgia and might become the Lions QB. He also just added himself to the list of people Singletary wants to spear. Dumb prick.

Here's an idiot. This can only happen in Ohio.

"Cops" is the best show ever. Whenever G4 has 6 hour marathons with "Cops", my TV channel doesn't change. "Inside the NBA" on TNT is also awesome. Here's some fun with the both of them.

Sean Avery still knows how to piss people off. Here's more proof that the NHL is my favorite sport to watch right now. Playoff hockey can't get here soon enough.

In a sport I more or less don't really care about, there's a guy named Lance Stephenson. He's pretty good but also a headcase. Check out his new show on MTV2 from Fader Films. I liked "Two-A-Days" a few years ago; this is obviously a bit different. If anything, watch it to see Stephenson try and fight everyone he ever plays. This kid needs a college coach bad.

Speaking of head coach, Kentucky still doesn't have one as of 3:42pm.

Best music video of the year so far? Where's the unedited version?

Lastly, I saw a picture of his ex-wife earlier today and it jogged my memory. Rony Seikaly was one awesome basketball player.

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