Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Emmy Rossum is Hot!

I don't normally put picks of attractive chicks up because I leave that to other people. But, today, I figured what the hell. Emmy Rossum, who for some reason I thought was really attractive in the 'Phantom of the Opera' movie, has confirmed that she is indeed really attractive.

I understand that the fact I mentioned 'Phantom of the Opera' will most likely eliminate any further reading, but that will only benefit no one. Your eyes should feast themselves upon Emmy Rossum who was once cute and is now really hot. She can sing too which is an added bonus to the gorgeousness of her photos. As for 'Phantom of the Opera', women love musicals, clearly a reason dudes should know about some of them.

I don't really know the reason behind not putting beautiful ladies photos up on the blog, but don't think that it will happen more often now. I guess having a small crush on Emmy Rossum a bunch of years back came to fruition and I felt compelled to show everyone else that she's grown up.

It happens to everyone.

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