Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Um, Some Facts About Yanni

Before you kill yourself and me, think about Yanni for a few seconds. He is Greek, used to have an incredibly sweet mustache, and probably slept with thousands of beautiful Greek women. So that makes Yanni the coolest guy on this earth. And last night, I caught myself watching that guy's TV special on WTTW. Did you know:

A) WTTW is like the 3rd best HD station around. They have an endless amount of cool sh*t to watch
B) Yanni is coming to concert in Chicago. So hide your mothers
C) Yanni graduated college with no formal music training and couldn't even read music.
D) Yanni set the national swimming record in the 50-meter freestyle competition in Greece.
E) Yanni has an absolutely gorgeous chick named Chloe singing with him. She's breathtaking. She can sing, she has the sexiest legs I've ever seen, and she can dance better than the JabbaWockeeZ. She's smoking. I couldn't turn the TV off.

Instead, America watches "American Idol" and 13 of the ugliest, least-talented jackasses parade around the stage and make out with dudes on the internet. No-talent ass clowns.

I apologize an infinite amount of times for making you think about Yanni (though you know you do every night). Watch this video, think about this chick, and know that we're going to be fine in the long run. Yanni's got us covered.

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  1. I kept thinking that we'd get an upskirt shot of her in that dress. Damn you Tbag for getting my hopes up.