Thursday, March 12, 2009

Joaquin Phoenix & His Homeless Beard

Joaquin Phoenix & his homeless beard attacked someone yesterday in Miami. Phoenix was doing another hip-hop show and some heckler in the crowd started talking smack with him. Phoenix then jumped off stage and attacked the guy. You can't see what happens. All you see is some lady in blue's boobs. It was probably staged like a WWE fight but who cares. Anytime a homeless drunk guy attacks someone it's great to see. The fact the homeless drunk guy is a former Hollywood actor is even better.

It's entirely understandable why Joaquin has gone off the deep end. His older brother, River, was a crazed drug addict who died at 23 and his sister, Liberty, married Casey Affleck. Obviously, some sort of mental-imbalance runs in the family. It just hit Joaquin a bit later in his life.

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