Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Don't Take The Helicopter Mr. President

Marine One, President Obama's helicopter, might not be the best choice of travel in the near future.

Apparently, an employee at Pennsylvania-based security company, Tiversa, accidentally downloaded a P2P file-sharing program that gave the blueprint and avionics package for Marine One to anyone with the ability to do a little computer hacking.

Not surprisingly, Iran was one of the countries supposedly involved in the download of that information.

Most people at work are concerned about visiting TMZ, checking fantasy sports sites, and hiding pictures of Miley Cyrus running during their day. Sucks for the guys that can't download free 'Radiohead' without worrying about accidentally releasing the President's motorcade route for the next 17 months.

That person's probably going to lose their job. Make sure YOU don't do something that retarded at work today.

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