Thursday, March 19, 2009

NCAA Tourney Special (Chief Kickingstallionsims photo)

The NCAA Tournament kicks off in a little bit. Louisville, UNC, Pittsburgh, and UConn are the #1 seeds. In honor of people's favorite time of year, here's some highlights for the upcoming March Madness.

- Morehead State won the play-in game and gets to hang out in Dayton, Ohio for 4 extra days waiting to play Louisville on Friday. Their sleeping in bulletproof vests.

- Dionte Christmas plays for Temple. He has a cool name and is pretty damn good at basketball.

- Humpty Hitchens plays for Akron. LeBron James likes Akron. I hate Humpty Hitchens now.

- Chief Kickingstallionsims also is a cool name. And it's real. But he sort of sucks at basketball for being 7'1'' 265 lbs. He also plays for Alabama State which I'm pretty sure is a college anyone with an IQ of 12 could get into. But, it's the coolest name in the history of the NCAA tournament and he's huge, so whatever.

- Gary Wilkinson plays for Utah State. He's from Utah as well. So that means he's probably a mormon. Which also means he's older than everyone else in college because he had to have gone on a mission to find 14 wives and a higher power (that's what mormon's do right?). He's 26 and good at basketball too. Which means Utah State wins at least one game.

- Dayton will beat the West Virginia Hillbillies. Unless Brian Gregory does his patented hockey line change substitions never allowing any of his players to get into a rythym.

- DeMar DeRozan is a freshman @ USC. People said he was the most NBA-ready player in college basketball. He didn't play like it for most of the season...until the last few weeks. Which could mean big things in the tourney. Except Tim Floyd (who is legally retarded) is their nevermind.

- Jeremiah Dominguez is 5'6'' 150 lbs. He plays for Portland State, a team that many people think might surprise. In two weeks, he could be a fan favorite across the country.

- Louisville is who I picked to win it all. Gonzaga is going to take UNC bc Ty Lawson isn't totally healthy. UConn & Pitt are great but too inconsistent to finish things off. Blake Griffin has no one else to help him. Louisville, with the best coach in the game, will be your 2009 NCAA Champion.

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