Thursday, March 5, 2009

'Public Enemies' Trailer

The 'Public Enemies' trailer starring Johnny Depp & Christian Bale is finally online.

There are 2 highlights that stick out to me:

1) A quick flash of Lincoln Avenue in Chicago and the Biograph Theatre that was recreated this past Summer for filming.

2) The infamous photo of Dillinger in a Dayton, Ohio jail holding a placard before he was released from jail and immediately robbed a bank upon that release.

Dayton, Ohio, being my location of collegiate excellence, is an exciting thing to see on the big screen. Other than Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and the University of Dayton, Dayton leaves a lot to be desired. If you take nearby Lima, Ohio and it's most famous resident, former WWE star Al Snow, out of the occasion, Ohio basically has nothing.

I used to liken Dayton to Gotham City. There's the actual city of Dayton, the downtown area, where after 2pm, if you wander onto the wrong street, you'll get shot and stabbed 46 times. Then there's Oakwood, the lovely city just south of Dayton, where you can wander down the street and find gold bullions lying on the sidewalk.

Right smack dab in the middle is the University of Dayton (the Harvard of the Midwest). UD is basically the filter that keeps full-scale civil war from breaking out. You remove UD, and a nuclear riot is on your hands. It's the equivalent of taking Batman out of Gotham City. Bedlam.

That's bound to turn around though when you throw Johnny Depp and his mug shot on the big screen. It's breakout time for Dayton, Ohio, I'm tellin ya.

One other thing of note in the trailer, is the trademark style that makes it a Michael Mann movie. The shots are glorious and crisp and if you listen closely, you can feel a little 'Miami Vice' like vibe as the trailer really picks up.

Yes, it's that sweet.

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