Thursday, March 26, 2009

Special Thursday Link Dump...

It's been a little while since I did anything and for that I apologize. Life has been busy recently but that's not an excuse...There's been a lot of awesome stuff going on and I've had some grand plans, just unfortunately, not fulfilled. If you live anywhere other than a Taliban cave, you've probably seen most of the goodies somewhere by now. I missed my Monday Mark Morrison dump so here's some special goodies you may have missed.

- Boston sucks. I am a Yankees fan so I hate Boston. I'm glad Curt Schilling retired, because I hate his bloody socks. That said, this was something cool that happened in Boston. This goalie got pissed, swung his stick really hard, almost fell, then chucked what I believe was a milk crate onto the ice. The other excellent question is why the F there was a milk crate anywhere near the ice in the first place?

- Jordin Tootoo is a f*cking prick. He's been one of the NHL's biggest douchebags since the day he started playing. He picks fights, checks people randomly and runs away, and cheated on Kellie Pickler. He also sucker-punched Brad Staubitz of the San Jose Sharks a few months back. Staubitz remembered that and beat the living shit out of Tootoo's face a few nights ago. It was awesome.

- A woman thought that her boyfriend/ex-boyfriend was looking at child porn. So, while she was slightly intoxicated, she went to the police and turned in her laptop that she suspected her man had used to look up child porn. The cops took a gander around her computer and found some videos of some nasty stuff. It was the woman, spreading condiments on her crotch, letting her dog lick them off. The woman videotaped the acts when she was drunk, forgot to delete delete them and essentially turned herself in. Check out the story here and look at the police report. I love the fact that the filing officer had to write out the report and use all kinds of funny words that he invariably felt weird writing. And, no surprise, the lady was from Indiana.

- Spike Jonze is awesome. He is incredibly talented and never fails to come up with the coolest shit. He recently made music videos fun and pertinent again and is coming out with a movie soon. Here's the trailer for "Where The Wild Things Are" ...where the wild things are (Film Drunk)

- I put the "Crank 2/High Voltage" trailer up a while back and it was insane. Generally it's just as f'ing nuts as the first movie but it looks even more over the top. Now, you can watch the trailer at and have your entire desktop begin to get destroyed. That's how intense the new flick is. It's a sweet trailer that makes you want to jump off a 46-story building and run people over with your car, but it's distracting because bullet holes and shockwaves on your desktop distract the shit out of you. Enjoy, again.

- NCAA Sweet Sixteen Basketball today:

Pittsburgh v. Xavier (Pitt over XU)
Duke v. Villanova (Nova over Duke in my bracket that matters)
UConn v. Purdue (UConn over Purdue even though UConn is distracted)
Mizzou v. Memphis (Mizzou over Memphis)

- Lastly, no more South Side Irish Parade in Chicago. People got too drunk, assaulted too many officers, and had way too much fun. I could care less because I never went. That just wasn't my thing. Plus I would have probably wanted to punch people's faces like Jordin Tootoo. And for the people that are "upset" about it, get over it. You can get drunk numerous other ways on St. Patrick's Day. You pricks.

Have a grand Thursday.

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