Thursday, March 26, 2009

More from SXSW

This was up on Fader yesterday and it's more highlights from the Levi's Fader Fort at South by Southwest. If you haven't already spent the last 9 hours of your life browsing through Fader and watching all the highlights from S X S W, then you are crazy.

This first clip is Kid Cudi performing "Day N Nite" with a little help from Kanye. It's an awesome version because Cudi flips it into his Crookers Remix halfway through.

Second, Peter Bjorn and John stopped by and did some stuff including their new song "Nothing To Worry About". My buddy Adam mentioned that whatever song PB&J opened with was by the far the coolest song he's ever heard from them. Either way, this is a great song and here it is live.

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