Monday, March 30, 2009

Hockey Fighting Can NEVER Be Banned

The Chicago Blackhawks played the Vancouver Canucks last night. The Blackhawks had been in the process of shitting lots of big bricks over the last few weeks while forward Patrick Sharp sat out with an injury. Once Sharp returned, the Hawks picked it back up.

The Hawks were sitting 4th in the Western Conference with the Canucks right behind them in 5th. After three periods, the Hawks trailed 3-0 and started to realize that not only might they lose home-ice advantage in the playoffs, they might have to face the Vancouver Canucks again in that series. So they forearm-shivered the Canucks' goalie, Roberto Luongo, in the face. And when goalies get forearm-shivered in the face, fights usually break out. For a brief while, I thought a goalie fight might happen but it never fully materialized. Fortunately, for the Hawks sake, they at least won the fighting portion of the game. Ben Eager made the Canucks' Kevin Bieksa look like he got in a fight with a tiger, while Alexander Burrows participated in the ultimate hockey bitch move by pulling hair. The end result of the brawl resulted in the hilarious image of six Blackhawks sitting in the penalty box.

Bad news: Hawks are tied for 4th with the Canucks holding the tiebreaker advantage. Good news: the teams really could meet again for a playoff series.

*Also, a side note, hockey fighting truly can't be banished. Our Monday Link Dump is going to include some random sports fighting clips and there is one noticeable thing about NHL fighting; it is allowed to happen. Hockey players are allowed to go at it, while the team watches, and the refs wait. Once a guy falls down or gets his face smashed in, the fight ends. It's a respectable thing that allows hockey to stand apart from other sports. It allows for a certain edge and outlet for certain situations in the game. The NHL cannot condone the banning of fighting.

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