Friday, March 27, 2009

Louis CK Makes The World Smarter

Comedians are hit or miss to me. I like Lewis Black because he's an energetic, angry asshole. I don't generally agree with his overall political associations but at least he's hilarious and entertaining when he makes his point. Plus, part of the time, his view on idiotic douchebags of the world falls right in line with mine. Bill Maher on the other hand, more than once, has driven me to the brink of a murder spree.

Louis CK falls under the enjoyable category. Ever since I heard Dane Cook was just stealing CK's jokes and slightly changing them, I invested time in watching his highlights. Louis CK tells it like it is and makes you laugh at all the dumb stuff that takes place in this world. People are generally absolutely retarded and Louis CK makes sure he makes fun of those people.

These clips are old clips that I've seen before but make for a perfect Friday. You watch these and you laugh and realize that our world may or may not be f*cked. This clip about the ungracious young pricks of our generation hits the nail on the head. People suck.

This clip is entertaining because it contains one of the single most hilarious lines in comedy stand-up history. See if you can figure out which line I'm speaking of. It's also funny because I'm taking a road-trip to Dayton today and if God wanted to punish us for all our wrong deeds, he'd make a deer jump out into the middle of the road during the trip and kill us. Hopefully that won't happen but this weekend is bound to include some wild sh*t. Dayton always does.

Ride these clips into your weekend and have a great one. I hope you and I am still alive on Monday.

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