Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Stupid NBA Highlights

So, Dwayne Wade beat the Bulls last night. He stole the ball from a hapless Bull (John Salmons), ran down the court and launched a ridiculous 3-pointer with less than a second left in double OT to win the game. He should have won the game earlier but missed two free throws as the game was winding down which kept the Bulls in it.

I really don't care about the NBA or the Bulls right now, but something about this ending REALLY pissed me off. I feel like Dwayne Wade has had a luckier season than any player in recent memory. The guy is a GREAT basketball player. Great. But he was never this good. He got injured last year and barely played. Now, he's unstoppable. And the rest of his team blows. His ability and desire in LeBron James' body would be a frightening concept (yes Dwayne Wade wants to annihilate teams like MJ used to). And he's been wearing that absolutely retarded band-aid like Nelly used to. Jordan never did dumb sh*t like that.

Plus, I think I was really pissed because the Miami Heat's jerseys said 'El Heat'. They used a spanish-looking word font and for some damn reason put 'El Heat' on their jerseys. Apparently they've done it before with the intention of attracting more fans outside the U.S. Considering Miami is practically it's own Latin country, they might as well just change it for good. And they can put the player's names in Spanish too. It was retarded. And unfortunately, I noticed it AFTER the game had ended when I was already angry enough.


In other NBA boring news, here's a video of Portland Trailblazer Rudy Fernandez going up for a dunk, only to get whacked in the back of the head by Los Angeles Laker Trevor Ariza. Fernandez left on a stretcher and the teams exchanged quick shoves. Lamar Odom also left the bench in a traditionally dumb move that will inevitably get him suspended (he smokes too much pot and has an IQ of 17 so its not surprising). If the NBA allowed one fight per team, per week, the NBA would be so much cooler. Fighting giants in the NBA would make hockey fights look like the lingerie bowl. It needs to happen.

Sorry for the NBA tirade. The Bulls suck and so does the NBA. But these video's are entertaining and that's all that counts.

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