Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Would ESPN Fire Bill Simmons?

I love Bill Simmons. He's a great writer, hilarious story-teller, and one of the few guys writing today who I feel always speaks his mind (despite being monitored by the politically correct propaganda machine at ESPN).

Simmons has made no secret of his desire to make fun of his employer. Everyone does it. Leno and Conan make fun of NBC, Letterman rips on CBS, hell, even ESPN makes fun of itself in its own commercials.

Thanks to 'Deadspin' again, I found this nice little Bill Simmons/Adam Carolla podcast. Its uncensored and full of the things Simmons likes to talk about. Buddies, puking, crap, good memories, and making fun of pop culture. It's more uncensored than Simmons ever is allowed to get on ESPN, which begs me to ask, "Would ESPN ever fire Bill Simmons?"

He's always been one of the most popular guys on ESPN. People print his columns to read on the toilet for God's sake. Part of me thinks he's trying to get fired because someone who cares less will pick him up. I sort of would like that to happen. I'd love to see who he'd make fun of if ESPN let him go.

Either way, he's still churning out awesome columns and being entertaining. And who knows if ESPN would ever risk letting him go (God knows a dead person's articles would be better than Rick Reilly's). Just a thought that I've had, along with probably more than a few other people.

Just something to keep an eye on. I'll keep reading no matter what.

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