Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hockey Fighting Is Always Cool

Earlier this month, Cam Janssen of the St. Louis Blues had a hockey fight. He drinks all the time and spends way too much time at bars so he fights a lot.

This wasn't a traditional hockey fight though. Normally, guys fall down off-balance or one guy lands a ridiculous shot and the other guy gives up. Or some idiotic loser stops the fight early because "fighting is bad and the world should be full of peace." But it can't be. The world is a violent, crazy place full of terrorists and people who watch 'Survivor'. People need to fight to put each other in their collective place. Thank God for people like Cam Janssen.

Cam Janssen not only drinks and plays hockey, he fights like Rocky. He has marathon fights that result in bloody knuckles and standing fans. He always manages to piss people off, make them swing away, then pound them until the other guy is too tired to fight any longer. Here's the fight from earlier this month. It's an eternity in the hockey fight world.

Here's another one. This was Janssen's fight from the other night. He had some whiskey on the bench, made love to some woman in the crowd, then decided he needed to fight someone. It was another epic title fight. It lasted for almost two minutes until the guy he was fighting said, "F*ck this. That dude's knuckles are all bloody and he won't stop punching me."

So thank you Cam Janssen. There's losers who are weak and dislike fighting and there are heroes who are godzillain in their love for destruction. You carry that torch. You are the reason hockey will (hopefully) never ban fighting.

Seriously, fighting is awesome.

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