Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What's a Biffy? It Cleans Poop...

I love bidet's. They are awesome. I've never used one because they creep me out, but I love to know they are around in case of an emergency.

I know women tend to use bidet's more than men (though it should probably be the other way around), but I don't think this video should have been made. There's a women in the street, a bunch of women working out, and a small child. Know what they are talking about? Cleaning their cr*cks. I don't even want to type the word cra*ks because this product freaks me out.

Look at it. It's like a garden sprinkler that you ran through as a child. And it's cleaning your b-hole. I'm ok with people getting all sweaty and working out, but do they have to go sit on a biffy when they are done? Does it get that nasty when working out that a garden hose needs to be used to clean?

And what the hell is the point of that little girl!? That takes this video from totally weird to child-molesting creepy. She can't be older than 8 and clearly she doesn't need a biffy.

Holy sh*t, I'm going to have nightmares.

(But I can't wait to go to New Orleans in May where the hotel I'm staying at has a bidet)

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