Friday, April 17, 2009

Matthew Stafford Still Sucks More Than Jay Cutler

I'm a Bears fan. The Bears now have Jay Cutler as their QB. So I could give a sh*t about the NFL Draft.

I hate Matthew Stafford because he didn't turn out to be as good as he was supposed to be at Georgia, yet he might be the first pick in the NFL Draft anyways. I also hate him because Mike Singletary hates him. Mike Singletary basically called him a weiner because Stafford hasn't gotten over his parents divorce and still cries at night about it.

Anyways, Stafford made an appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last evening and threw footballs through plates that Jimmy Fallon was tossing into the air. Stafford does an impressive job and seems like a good sport so I probably shouldn't hate him as much as I do.

That said, he looks like a fat retarded kid from down south so I definitely would be pissed if my team ended up drafting him. I won't have to worry about that. The Bears have Jay Cutler.

Here's the clip from

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