Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Is This Real?

Here's video of Vijay Singh, skipping a golf ball across a lake, and into a hole. Clearly this is fake. If this would have happened, or if Tiger had done it, we would have seen it 39281 times. Sportscenter and their annoying shitty telecasts would have replayed this until our televisions exploded. But, instead, some pretty good golfer, who happens to be dark (like Tiger) and Indian, does it and I've never seen the video before. Except maybe it happened today or yesterday. But that's not the point.

The video is so poorly shot that it is clearly not real. It's done by some dude named Andres Lopez on a funny little cell phone. Andres has much better things to be doing than standing front-row at a practice round for The Masters. The first shot looked like it went in the water too and rolled onto the green. I can't see anything. I hate this video. Nonetheless, next time I go golfing, I'm going to try this.

PS - The Masters is nice, but who really gives a crap. Tiger is going to win. If he doesn't, some weird Australian guy who is 26 and "entering his prime" will be talked about as a potential challenger to Tiger down the road. Then he'll fade off into the distance, win like one more event over the next two years, and be a nobody. Golf is fricking retarded. It's the most frustrating sport EVER.

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