Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"The Cougar" Begins Tomorrow Night

"The Cougar" begins on TV Land Prime tomorrow night.

20 younger men competing for the love of a gorgeous 40-year old woman. The premise is quite simple but it appeals to me for some peculiar reason.

Maybe it's the fact that the 'cougar' is smoking hot. Maybe because it's awesome to see brick-headed guys get tossed to the curb because they are in fact retarded. Maybe it's because Grant & Adam are two twins that I went to school with and they are in the show. Maybe it's because I watched Vivica A. Fox in "Independence Day" this past weekend.

Either way, there's only one thing that matters - you need to watch it. If you like "The Bachelor" or any reality show for that matter, "The Cougar" is probably going to be great. The storyline has worked before and any time something sappy is on, women are going to watch it. The formula for spectacularly ridiculous success is there.

Also the promise from Grant & Adam that they don't disappoint should be reason enough to tune in. Like I've said before, they were the most entertaining, ridiculous, and funny people around during their time at the University of Dayton and they know how to upstage a party. It's their job to entertain and now they get to do it on national television. It won't disappoint.

My TV is set for Wednesday night. Set yours.

Visit "The Cougar" website to get yourself all amped up for the premiere.

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