Monday, April 20, 2009

Mark Morrison Mondays

Mark Morrison is a bad ass. Since he has nothing much to do nowadays, he spends his time looking for sweet stuff on the internet. Occasionally he gets distracted by watching too much sports and wrestling and he gets lazy. Being 4-20, it's amazing he did any work today at all. He put his pistol and weed away for a bit and came up with these gems. Enjoy.

- More hockey highlights. Here's Boston's Milan Lucic dishing out a cross check to the face in the Bruins-Canadiens playoff series. Lucic was labeled a typical Serbian douchebag, a title that is fitting in a way but not in this case. Lucic simply saw a man on skates coming towards him and cross checked his face. Nothing wrong in my book.

**Playoff hockey seems to be very one-sided in terms of the officiating. The Chicago Blackhawks are getting punched and elbowed and shoved at all times after the whistle by the Calgary Flames and the refs haven't called anything. They also missed a blatant high-sticking penalty at the end of the 2nd Period.

- Remember this commercial? It started the milk ads that you see so often today. Pretty clever commercial, huh? Guess who made it?...yep, that's right...Michael Bay. Yikes.

- I clicked on this movie trailer because it has Evangeline Lilly from "Lost" in it. And she's ridiculously hot and pretty much the perfect girlfriend. But she's not in this trailer. God damnit.

Regardless, this looks like a solid flick. It won a bunch of artsy awards and any time you can highlight and give credit to the men and women in our armed forces who give us the ability to do the dumb stuff that we do everyday, I'm all for it.

- Another movie trailer. This one's about Muhammad Ali. Ali is one of sports history's most lucid and popular characters and you either loved him or hated him. This new documentary showcases the impact of Ali from the viewpoint of 10 of his most acclaimed opponents. The trailer is worth viewing whether you liked Ali or not. He electrified this world in ways no one before him had. It looks beautiful and has some star power behind it. Check it out.

- Jessica Biel is smoking hot. In this movie, she gets a bit naked. Thank you Christ.

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