Thursday, April 9, 2009

Nick Adenhart

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim's Nick Adenhart was killed last evening in a car accident. Adenhart had just finished pitching six innings for the Angels and was on his way home or to a club (depending on which news story you hear) when a drunk driver slammed into the car he was in. The driver, a female, was killed instantly while Adenhart was pronounced dead at the hospital during surgery.

I'd post pictures of the accident but you can find those for yourself. The pictures are almost too disturbing and too angering to even bother putting up. I didn't know Adenhart and I don't care about the Angels. I knew of Adenhart because I'm an avid sports follower and I knew he was an up and coming prospect for the Angels. He made his major-league debut last year after struggling through arm injuries on his way to the bigs. He persevered and made it and got his first start. He didn't win the game and proceeded to apologize to his teammates afterwards. Refreshing.

Fast-forward to yesterday when he went to the ballpark, with his dad in the stands, and pitched six innings of strong ball. His mom was on the way to California as well to see her son. Adenhart left the stadium, got in a car, and proceeded to go about his night. His night, and life, came to an abrupt end when a drunk mexican came flying through the intersection and slammed his minivan into the passenger side of the car Adenhart was riding in.

I'll be honest, I'm going to go about my life and probably forget about Adenhart in 2 weeks. I'm saddened by what happened but it has no profound effect on my life. That sucks. A young man, no older than myself, lost his life because of some idiotic prick who should have been in jail or dead, instead of driving around.

We don't live in a fair world. Somebody breaks into YOUR house and you shoot them and guess who gets in trouble? Not the burglar. Someone with a criminal record, convicted of multiple DUIs gets out of jail, proceeds to drink more whiskey, and does guess what? A child molestor spends 20 years in jail and gets out after "serving his time" and finally breaths fresh air. Struggling, he molests and ruins another young person's world.

I've got no patience. Never had, never will. When it comes to our world, there's so much bullshit in it that when I see this crap take place, I get sick to my stomach. Nick Adenhart didn't deserve to die. Not many people his age do. People die and we ask ourselves, why? Instead, miserable pricks like this drunk driver go on living. Sure, he may get his body and soul violated in jail, but that's almost not enough punishment in my book. I'd like to occasionally think that God would have been okay with the punishment child molestor's go through in jail. I like to think God would be okay with me kicking in a criminal's face until it looks like apple sauce. I sometimes wish I could walk around the street and judge people for the miserable f*cks they are and rid our world of their bullshit.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where people "only see good in others". The problem is, not everyone has that good. No matter how many hands we hold and how many haiku's we say, this world isn't going to heal itself. People are born with the devil in them. I say we just take em out back and shoot em like a sick family dog.

Nick Adenhart died yesterday for no reason. Millions of people his age and younger will die today and tomorrow and we'll never even know about it. Getting mad may be my way of coping with it. I wish I could do something about it. I wish we could take things into our own hands every now and then. I know, our world would descend into chaos. I can dream a bit though, can't I?

Nick Adenhart had a dream. He dreamed of pitching in the major leagues and having his parents watch him play professional baseball. Sadly, Nick's dream, and his parents' dream, ended yesterday at the tender age of 22.

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