Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Jesus That's Depressing

Here's a photo from Videogum:

If you can't figure out what's happening, a future terroristic warrior is cooking his dinner in what used to be an old Blockbuster Video tape drop.

We used to return late videos into this thing and now some foreign country uses it as an oven. Yikes. That's really depressing.

Part of the reason half the world hates us is because they see how we used to use these things to return dumb movies we watched. Someone inevitably watched "3 Ninja's" on VHS and one day returned it in this exact box (by no means am I implying that 3 Ninja's was bad though). The world laughs at our incredibly terrible taste in movies and sees that we used to produce large metal boxes that would house these returned flicks. Eventually, we got so lazy that we began to rent online, and these drop boxes became useless. So, we shipped them off to 3rd World Country's and airdropped them in like we did in "Operation Dumbo Drop". Next thing you know, the young terroristic warriors are being told by their parents and village leaders that America was a wasteful country who couldn't even use VHS drop boxes! They spit on the drop boxes then proceed to have to cook their food in them because they are too poor for anything else.

And we wonder why people hate us.

** On a side note...there is a light at the end of the dark tunnel we are in. United Airlines announced today that they are banning fat people from flying on their planes. If you can't put the armrest down and can't buckle the seatbelt using ONE seatbelt because you are so fat, you must by an extra seat next to you. If there is no seat next to you, you must get off and wait for a later flight.

It's about time this happens. I'm by no means a totally fit person, but when a fat, smelly person is next to me taking up two seats, that's crossing the line. America is full of lazy, fat, uneducated, unmotivated pieces of shit. It's time we fight back. Fat people are destroying America's health care system. It's so damn expensive for health care because of the fat asses who eat McDonald's 5 times a week and have sex once every 482 years. Why should I have to pay the exact same amount for health care as Charlie Chuckman who weighs 327 lbs? I fully support United Airlines initiative and you should too. Slowly, maybe we can climb out of this dark, dark tunnel we have entered. This is a great first step.

F*ck you fat people.

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