Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Craig Ferguson is hilarious. His talk show is really good but it's somewhat dragged down by lackluster guests and the olden, moth-like set he has.

If I had to rank the late night shows it would go:

1) Any Conan
2) Letterman
3) Kimmel
4) Ferguson
5) Fallon
6) Leno
14) Carson Daly

There are moments though that Craig Ferguson busts out of his so-so show and shows that he is an awesomely hilarious comedian who really could give a crap about anything else. Those moments usually result in hilarious bits, like this one here.

Ferguson has done cold-opens for his show where he just dances around with monkees, puppets, and other weird sh*t. That had been retired for a bit until last night when Ferguson brought back the crazy puppet opening. Prepare to laugh and be really f'ing confused. That's the point.

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