Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Weezer and Lil Wayne

Weezer is a band people like or don't. I sort of feel like there isn't middle ground on Weezer. Their songs are catchy or annoying. I'm in the middle :) I like some, don't care for others.

Well, Weezer has seen the light now. They have a new song. With Lil Wayne on it. It's a track called "Can't Stop Partying". You can listen to it right here.

At first, you are gonna think you are listening to Kevin Rudolph and Lil Wayne. But you are not. It's Weezer. It's a totally different sound for Weezer. But, like their music or not, they are talented and creative guys. They do it again here.

Enjoy it. It's f*cking catchy.

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