Monday, October 12, 2009

SNL Still Sucks

SNL had its 3rd episode of the year this past Saturday and the show still blows huge amounts of awfulness.

I caught none of it because I was doing cool things like watching football, drinking beer, and hanging out with friends. I did happen to look up at a television screen at one point and I saw Drew Barrymore's ugly face on it and realized she was hosting it because of her stupid new movie, "Whip It".

Instead of turning away in disgust, I watched for 3 seconds longer on mute and saw what appeared to be a skit making fun of Guy Fieri from The Food Network. Now, I like "Diners, Dive-Ins, and Drives", Fieri's show. What I can't stand is how douchy Fieri is. He's utterly ridiculous. He's fat, has ridiculous blond highlights, wears armbands, eats like a fat slob, and is loud. I fucking hate him even though he brings me to the occasional awesome food joint.

Now, this SNL skit pretty much blew but it was better than any other skit that night, even though that's not saying much. The fun part of it was how well they made Guy Fieri look like a huge douchebag. SNL realized how easy and fun it is to rip on douches. Good for them...

Enjoy the one highlight of what was an otherwise still totally sucky night of SNL!

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