Tuesday, October 13, 2009

These Days

Alient Ant Farm had a resurgence in my office last week. While we were sitting around doing random bits of work, AAF came on the radio and brought back instant memories of awesomeness.

After some searching and youtubing, we stumbled across this Alien Ant Farm gem from them performing at the BET Music Awards a few years back. And by perform we mean crash the red carpet before the BET Awards.

Alien Ant Farm pulled a good old rock and roll stunt by setting up instruments on a nearby building and locking themselves up there. When the red carpet got filled with people like 50 Cent, Nelly, Diddy, Brian McKnight, Bubba Sparrrxxxxx, Busta, and Whitney Houston, AAF played their song, "These Days".

Position some random videocamerapeeps down on the red carpet and boom, music video is made.

After some random wtf's and why are those white dudes on the roof looks, the whole BET Awards red carpet was rocking. Only AAF could crash an award for a bunch of black artists and get them rocking.

Ah the good ole days of Alien Ant Farm. If only you were still making our ears bleed...

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