Friday, October 2, 2009

David Letterman Bombshell

In case you missed Letterman last night because you were too busy killing small cats and eating tuna, here's what happened:

- Letterman admitted he has had sex with numerous staffers from his show over the course of many years

- Letterman admitted that one of the people who worked at CBS knew of these sexual encounters and wanted to extort Letterman for $2 million


Yes, David Letterman has had sex. He's the first person to poke fun at himself for it. Yes, David Letterman is/was being blackmailed by an employer of CBS' who has also probably had sex with one of the girl's that Dave did. Yes, the blackmailer did get arrested because he was retarded.

The crazy thing about what Dave did is that it probably was the best thing he could have done. He came out, admitted what he'd done, and got to the point. He flipped a bitch on the blackmailer. As Dave explains, they set the blackmailer up and the blackmailer got caught and arrested.

Now, basically it leaves Dave to have to deal with the embarrassment this announcement has caused him and his family, including the woman he's dated since 1986 and recently married. That will be tough enough. Now at least he doesn't have to worry about hiding it and covering up the self-described "creepy things he's done."

I like Dave, I don't like Dave. I disagree with his politics but I think he's a talented guy. What strikes me in this whole thing are the retards in his audience that have no idea what they are laughing at. Dave, with all his courage, decided to admit on national TV that he's had numerous affairs with staffers and that someone tried to blackmail him for it.

Dave starts slow and makes numerous jokes about himself and as he begins to dive deeper, the audience slowly realizes Dave actually is really emotional about this. Until Dave openly admits that he has had numerous sexual relationships with some female staff members, does the audience realize, "HOLY SHIT...THIS IS A TOTALLY SERIOUS MOMENT."

I applaud Dave for only once saying, "Now why are you laughing" to his audience. Granted they thought they were in for a late night funny show, but they got so much more. It's unfortunate it took them and their retarded pals so long to realize what Dave was doing.

Also, lastly...this shit happens ALL OVER the place. People sleep with their boss, their co-workers, everyone. Some are in relationships, some are whores, some are just experimenting. Dave happens to host a national television show and admitted it on national television. He's not the President, he's not the pope, he's Dave Letterman. He has explaining to do at home now...nowhere else. He knows what he did was wrong.

Dave can try to move on while the moron who worked at CBS who did this can sit in jail because he had a horrible plan that didn't work.

Well done Dave. Well done.

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