Monday, December 21, 2009

Run From the Baltimore Cops

Ray Lewis is a monster. He literally has ate NFL players for his entire career. His passion for the game of football is unrivaled and his intelligence on the football field will most likely lead to a career on the coaching sidelines once he retires from playing.

In his spare time, he trains police officers to chase down criminals and homeless people to stay in shape. It's one of the many things Lewis does off the field that have rebuilt his reputation since the infamous Atlanta nightclub incident 9 years ago that led to Lewis being charged with murder. Lewis was eventually acquitted of the charges and evidence shakily pointed to no major wrong-doing from Lewis.

Lewis got back on the football field, began playing even more inspired than ever, and started killing (not literally) people better than ever on the football field.

Now Lewis uses some of his time to train Baltimore Police Officers how to chase down drug addicts and tackle killers like they do in 'The Wire'. Lewis has inspired a "it's never over til it's over" feeling among his trainees and an insane mentality that allows his disciples to scare the living shite out of criminals when they realize Ray Lewis Jr. is running after them.

Personally, Ray Lewis as a Baltimore Police Officer would be the only show on the face of this earth that would be more entertaining than Steven Seagal's 'Lawman'. Can we make this happen?

Like him or not, this video is a cool story. Suck ass Baltimore criminals.

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