Friday, December 4, 2009

Golden Stumbles

Firefox has an incredibly neat tool called "Stumble". Simply click "stumble" after downloading it to your internet browser toolbar and Stumble will take you to a site that it thinks you'd like, based off of your previous browsing history. If you look at photography a lot, it'll take you to websites with incredible pictures. If you like sports, it will direct you to sports related websites. If you look at child pornography it will take you to the FBI's website. See? Simple. And cool.

On Fridays, I'm going to post a few links to my favorite stumble sites of the day. I'm quite ecclectic in my tastes so I'm thrown all around the internet in all kinds of fun worlds. Hopefully upon my stumbles, you will trip and enjoy as well.

Proof That Girls Are Evil

911 Calls (mainly Math 911 Call & 911 Operator makes bad joke)

Scott Stulberg Photography

National Geographic Photo Contest

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