Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Holy Tuesday

There was a gospel choir performing in the lobby of my work today for a special Thanksgiving charity drive. Actually, like 4 different gospel choirs. The first group was a group of little kids playing the violin and they were f#cking terrible. An older group followed that up and melted faces and then a younger group came on and rocked the stage too. That put me in a good mood. I proceeded to go listen to Sister Act music and Kirk Franklin and God's Property.

*It also made me say, holy crap, how'd I forget this video of Paula Deen getting nailed in the face with a frozen ham yesterday!?!? Random food drive, people passing hams, and some guy f#cking chucked a frozen ham across the room and it nailed her in the face. Everybody instantly got super pissed at said person and Paula walked out of the room, hands to face, shocked that some jerk got giddy and threw a ham.

*Some of the good crap I found today should make me suggest you go to With Leather for everything and stop reading my dumb stuff here but I'll also give you the option to click below and see it here.

"House" is, from what I hear, a good show on Fox and Hugh Laurie is sorta cool. That said, I've never watched it. But I've seen enough previews to know that Omar Epps looks just like Mike Tomlin and it needs to be acknowledged in some way. They look identical. Everyone says it. Tomlin probably played Epps in "Love & Basketball" and Epps probably coached the Steelers to a Super Bowl Victory...they are the same person. But never admit it...

"House", show that I'll never ever see, finally agreed. Take a look.

*Another gem from WL, this one is creepy. Parents dream for their kids to be good at sports or music or whatever. Whoever is parenting this kid is clearly shoving steroids into his butt and giving him HGH. This kid, named Nyrel Sevilla (I know wtf?), is 6-years old and destroys people left and right. Other kids aren't even MOVING on the field and he's running full speed to kill. Getting into the discussion about should 6-year olds even be playing full-contact football is another question for another day. Watch the video.

*Lil Wayne makes good music. But he's in jail. And although this isn't his music, it involves him and a nice up and coming band that's very critically acclaimed. All it takes is someone to remix the two and turn it into a song. In this case, we get "Fireman on the Ground" from MOKB.

*Lastly, before I forget, supposedly someone punched Jimmy Clausen in the face over the weekend after his team of losers lost to UConn. Apparently Clausen was leaving a restaurant when someone sucker-punched him in the face. I imagine they told him he sucks, his coach has a FUPA, and he looks like an ostrich, but in reality it was probably something else at play here. Something else like God disguising himself as a human and punching Clausen's face to punish Notre Dame for letting Barack Obama speak at Notre for their spring graduation ceremony. It was one of God's big FU's. I imagine God punched Clausen then stood over his body and looked at Clausen's female friend and gave her the big ole Degeneration X 'Suck It' sign.

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