Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday Dump...

I don't know what frickin rock I've been living under...I just found out LeBron James is planning on changing his number out of respect for Michael Jordan. I remember James urging all players in the league to not wear the number and for the league to retire it but apparently he made the decision almost two weeks ago to get rid of 23 and begin wearing number 6.

Good move by LBJ. I like wear this kid's head is at. Too bad for him it's in Cleveland.

*Also, I just remembered what rock I was living under. It's the large rock I forced upon my body to keep all the Twilight bullshit away from me. It's the rock I tried to crush myself with so I wouldn't have to hear about a bunch of small girls reliving their Harry Potter obsession, this time now that they are horny and like vampires. Unfortunately, I'm still here and unfortunately Wesley Snipes hasn't killed anyone from Twilight yet.

*Once I removed that rock from my sternum, I found this exciting video of the player I can't figure out whether I like or hate. It's a ridiculous shot and one Phil Jackson probably would have punched him in the nuts for if Phil actually were still alive. Regardless, Kobe Bryant is a very good basketball player.

*Floyd Mayweather's people are meeting with Manny Pacquiao's people today to begin discussing a 2010 mega-bout between the two. Please God, I will never ask for you to kill Jay Cutler again if you make this fight happen. It could be boxing's highest grossing, most publicized fight of all-time. And hopefully Mayweather's face will get knocked off.

*Movie Trailers are always an awesome experience (unless they are for New Moon) and here are a few goodies that are getting out there for the upcoming year:

"The Lovely Bones" - Can't remember if I posted this before, but even if I did, seeing how much weight Peter Jackson has lost is absolutely worth it. He looks RIDICULOUSLY skinny and actually normal. And his vision for this movie is quite incredible.

"Nine" - No f'ing clue what this is about or if I'd ever see it. But Daniel-Day Lewis, Nicole Kidman, Judi Dench, Penelope Cruz, Marion Cotillard, Kate Hudson in a movie trailer needs to be seen.

"Crazy Heart" - Jeff Bridges will win an Oscar. For this or for the Coen Brothers remake of "True Grit". Bridges is a phenomenal actor and he makes this 'Crazy Heart' flick worth checking out. It's like 'The Wrestler' meets 'Talladega Nights' meets 'Walk The Line' meets I have no f'ing clue.

"Season of the Witch" - Dumb name. And it stars Nicolas Cage. But also Ron Perlman. And Ron Perlman stars in one of the best shows on television, "Sons of Anarchy". So sure, why the hell not put it here?

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