Wednesday, November 4, 2009

You Sh!t Here With Me

Yesterday I posted two hilarious videos...of Ellen Degeneres. I know, that's a weird sentence to type. But all due credit to her, they were funny videos.

Today, I post another instant favorite/classic. Creed is a weird band. I have a weird enjoyment of their music despite the fact they are sort of awful. Their lyrics are ridiculous and Scott Stapp is a human douchecan. That said, most truthful people will admit to bobbing their head once or twice to a Creed song in their life. If you say you haven't you are surely a liar.

Making fun of Creed, no matter how much you like them or dislike them, is always fun though. And this video does it perfectly. Listen to a real Creed song first. Then watch this video and laugh.

You Sh!t Here With Me.

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