Friday, November 20, 2009

Hockey.'s awesome.

I saw this last night but the TV was on mute so I had no idea what the hell was going on. All I saw was Anaheim's Scott Niedermayer standing at the glass watching a bunch of people fight. I was watching to see anyone random was gonna get punched in the face on accident. I had no idea that there was a hockey stick in there as well. Shit really could have gotten crazy.

In review, Scott Niedermayer was being a good guy and trying to give his stick to someone in the stands after the game. As usually happens, some obnoxious prick tries to intercept the intended receipient and steal their prized new gift. More often than not, people boo the crap out of the scumbag and he concedes and gives the intended receipient their gift. In this case, a fight broke out. Wives/girlfriends were involved and Niedermayer sort of backed away slowly like what the fuck? The best part was the entire stadium was blacked out except for the spotlight on Niedermayer and as he stood there, the whole stadium realized he just started a riot. If this had been Ron Artest on skates, he would have scaled the glass and taken his skate off and started slashing people's throats in half. That would have made Sportscenter's Top 10 Plays for sure.

Either way, when a sports player gives someone something specific, don't try and steal it from the intended receipient. It makes you a huge prickface and then violence sometimes breaks out.

It is fun to watch though....

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