Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ellen Degeneres Prank

Ok. Ellen Degeneres. Some people can stand her, others can't. I'll admit, I've laughed at a few things she has done over the years. She is a very personable and was great as that retarded fish in Finding Nemo.

I was shown the below video by a friend of mine and I immediately thought it was awesome.

Last week, Ellen pulled Halloween pranks on all of her guests. Poor Taylor Swift, fresh off her swastika incident and Kanye's violation, was her best victim by far.

Ellen sent Taylor Swift into a fake dressing room where she was hiding and scared the living shit out of Swift. It is absolutely hilarious and kudos to Swift for her awesome response. I would have gotten a fiery trident and stabbed Degeneres through her heart.

Also, kudos to Ellen for the ridiculous Oprah Magazine costume. By far, my favorite Halloween costume of the year. I can't stop laughing at it.

Well done by Ellen all around. Yes, I just said that.

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