Tuesday, September 29, 2009

PSA Speaking Out Against Insurance Companies

Sometimes a cause so important comes along that even the funniest of funny (Will Ferrell - most times) and coolest of coolest (Jon Hamm) speak out to make sure people get the facts.

Below is an important ad Ferrell and Hamm put together to speak out against the Insurance crap that is taking place in this country.

1) Here's the video via Huffington Post's website

* Let it be noted that I can't believe I'm linking to HP's website. Huffington Post is a hellish website that poisons the minds of individuals all over this country. I merely linked to the video on this website so you could understand the seriousness of Ferrell and Hamm's ad.

For those that refuse to click on the bullsh*tty website above, go below for number two.

2) Funny or Die coverage of the Will Ferrell ad

* I don't like linking to the same website over and over, no matter how awesome it is because I don't want it to like like I'm simply stealing all their material. I'm merely condensing all the ridiculous shit that gets posted to the interweb everyday and putting it in a convenient spot on Spooning With A Stranger.

There's a lot your mind has to handle on a day-to-day basis.

If you spooned with a stranger the night before, you have to worry about:

1) Is she pregnant?
2) Um, that was a dude...
3) Do I call again?
4) What was I thinking?
5) Why did I mix Nickelback and drinking?

My job is to consolidate the semi-good stuff and put it in one place so you can easily access it. You have enough to worry about. Life's a fun journey of ups, downs, and moments you'll never forget. There's also moments you want to forget. Fortunately, while you are trying to forget the terrible decisions you made last night or two months ago, Spooning With A Stranger gives you just a little bit content to help you black out for a few minutes.

Anyways, I hope the serious ad above got your attention. Funny or die only does funny and they took exception this one time and did serious. That's how important it was.

Think about it.

** Aside from the fact I stand on the right side of this debate and actually didn't laugh at the above video, I hope you did.

- I think if you fall off your bike, you are mentally stupid and should pay for your surgery.
- If you mispell a word and can't get surgery, clearly you were pathetic at spelling when you were growing up. People who can't spell are stupid.
- We're all screwed anyways. Obama is sinking day by day and Iran is going to nuke the world.

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